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I am an aspiring visdev/animation artist who is currently stuck in her own world of fantasy - of which I managed to get to through my bedroom wardrobe. I enjoy sketching, drawing and animating in my spare time, as well as writing and reading. I am also an aspiring author. My favourite genres are urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

My journal is friends only for my own personal reasons. I do friend back anyone who adds me though, so drop me a note or comment on my friends only post. Thanks.
1980's, 1990's, 2d animation, 80's, adventure, alan menken, alice cullen, alice in wonderland, alyssa milano, andreas deja, angelina johnson, angelina jolie, animation, art, astrology, bags, beetlejuice, big fish, billy black, books, brad bird, breaking dawn, brian froud, carlisle cullen, cartooning, cats, charlotte bronte, charmed, clothes, concept art, culture, design, disney, drawing, dreaming, dreams, eclipse, edward cullen, emmet cullen, esme cullen, faeries, fairies, fairytales, fan art, fan fiction, fantasy, fashion, fiction, food, fox's, fred/angelina, frog princess, games, george/angelina, ghosts, glen keane, goonies, hairstyles, history, illustration, isabella swan, jacob black, james baxter, james mcavoy, jane austin, jasper hale, john musker, kelley armstrong, kerrelyn sparks, labyrinth, laughing, legends, lewis carroll, lost in translation, midnight sun, milt kahl, money, montague/angelina, musicals, myths, narnia, new moon, nik ranieri, obhwf, ollie johnson, phantom of the opera, photoshop, poems, polar bears, princess and the frog, reading, renesme cullen, retro, romance novels, ron clements, rosalie hale, rose mcgowan, sandra bullock, shoes, shopping, smiling, space, spooks, stardust, stephen silver, supernatural, the breakfast club, the chronicles of narnia, theatre, tim burtun, twilight, twilight saga, urban fantasy, vampires, vintage, voyage of the unicorn, walking, watercolors, watercolours, weasley twins, werewolves, while you were sleeping, wicked, wizard of oz, wolves, writing